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The first of the animals wounded by Harvey have been trickling into the TSC, says Amanda Perry, the facility’s rehabilitation director. Most have been birds: pelicans and herons, several doves, and songbirds.

On Monday, “two green sea turtles came in … that had been beached by the tides, but they didn’t have many injuries,” Perry says. “The birds are coming in exhausted and windblown, since they’ve been fighting the hurricane.”

“A lot of birds come in dehydrated, or skinny,” says Tim Tristan, the veterinarian who founded the TSC in 2012. For the most part, grounded birds “just need a meal [and] some supportive care, and we can get them back out there where they belong.”

The staff at the TSC has been hard at work cleaning out the pools and outdoor enclosures, repairing damage caused by the storm. They expect the pace of animal arrivals to pick up soon, Tristan says. The wreckage along much of the Texas coastline has made it difficult for people to find animals, much less bring them in. But once beaches and coastal neighborhoods become easier to access, people will start encountering more storm-injured animals.

It may be a while before the ARK reopens. “It looks really bad,” Tunnell says. “But the bad parts of it are the parts that can be either removed or fixed. The pools are still working. The netting and roof can be fixed or replaced. It’s not a total loss.” In the meantime, ARK staff are working under the TSC’s roof.

Barnacle Bill and the other animals that still need care have also been moved to the TSC, where they’ll be based until their own facilities are repaired—hopefully within a month or so.

The organization Friends of the ARK has launched a donation campaign to cover repairs that insurance won’t. The TSC is fundraising as well, to cope with the coming influx of animals.

“Wildlife is on the back burner right now,” Tristan says. “Human life is of utmost importance.”

“We just want to let everyone know that when the time comes, we’ll be available and ready to go.”

Source: Wildlife Rescue in Harvey’s Wake | Hakai Magazine

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