This is How Hummingbirds Drink – The Atlantic

When Margaret Rubega first read about how hummingbirds drink, she thought to herself: That can’t possibly be right. Hummingbirds drink nectar using tongues that are so long that, when retracted, they coil up inside the birds’ heads, around their skulls and eyes. At its tip, the tongue divides in two and its outer edges curve inward, creating More...

by Ed Yong | Published 4 months ago
By John Wesley Chisholm On Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Realscreen » Archive » Nat Geo seeks to reinvent wildlife genre with “Earth Live”

Al Berman hopes the premiere of National Geographic’s Earth Live special doesn’t go as planned. It may seem like an odd wish for the award-winning producer, whose credits include Survivor, More...

By Jeremy Hance On Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Five rangers die in grim month for wildlife protectors | Environment | The Guardian

The burial of Kasereka Matendere Mwana Zaire, a ranger for Virunga National Park who drowned after his boat capsized. Two others were killed as well. Photograph: Ranger Bantu (IDPE) Five wildlife rangers and three More...

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Why the U.S. Government Treats Catfish Unlike Any Other Fish

A US Catfish, likely unaware of his controversial status. US Army Corps of Engineers/Public Domain In early December, the House Freedom Caucus—a group of conservative Republicans aiming to push their party rightward—released More...

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Keith Davis

The unsettling disappearance of a fisheries observer sparks questions about safety on the high seas and the fate of the fish stocks observers attempt to monitor. by Sarah Tory Published January 4, 2017 I. A More...

By Care2 On Monday, December 26th, 2016

Celebration – 2 Orangutans Who Spent Their Lives in Cages Are Returned to Their Forest Home

By Alicia Graef Animal advocates are celebrating the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of two critically endangered Bornean orangutans who had spent their lives in cages as pets.  More...

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Mexico bid to save world’s smallest vaquita porpoise – BBC News

Mexican authorities and scientists are trying to save the world’s smallest porpoise by capturing illegal “ghost” fishing nets. They have managed to remove more than 100 dumped or lost nets left More...

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Harbourmaster in trouble over orca rescue would do it again – National – NZ Herald News

Whitianga harbourmaster Matthew Collicott was stood down from his operational duties after he and others rescued the killer whale overnight on Wednesday. Photo / Courtesy of Boom SailingLatest breaking news articles, More...

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Great Escape: Mongolia’s Altai Kazakh Eagle Hunters Festival

“Welcome to Bayan-Ölgii,” says Canat, “a strong country, for and with strong people.” Our host and the organiser of the Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival – the reason for our visit – he knows the More...

By Admin On Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Wild Chimpanzee Mothers Teach Young To Use Tools, Video Study Confirms – African Conservation Foundation

The first documented evidence of wild chimpanzee mothers teaching their offspring to use tools has been captured by video cameras set to record chimpanzee tool-using activity at termite mounds in the Nouabalé-Ndoki More...